Air Purifier-the basic safety regulation of a Oil Mist collector. Ignition-proof testing(UL, DIN)

September 28, 2015
1. America UL Approval (Underwriter Laboratories Inc.)

   The test methods described in this standard pertain to filters used in exhaust hoods for commercial cooking operations. The primary function of these      
   devices and the capability of devices tested in this standard are to prevent flames from penetrating in to the exhaust system beyond the hood collar.
   The terms grease and oil are used interchangeably in this standard.

2. Germany Institute for Standardization DIN(Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V.)

   Equipemtn for Commercial kitchens - Components for ventilation - Part 5:Aerosal separators, requirements and testing

3.Ignition-proof testing

4.Oil-mist and dust removal