Electric control box use│NFAC filter

July 11, 2022

Electric control box air inlet USE【NFAC】
1. Special for clean room pre-filtration.
2. Prevent oil and gas and dust from damaging the components of the electric control box.
3. Keep ventilation and heat dissipation to avoid short circuit caused by moisture in the electric control box.

Analysis of the phenomenon of short circuit and burnt circuit due to water vapor problem:

The electric control box always closes the cabinet as much as possible considering the dustproof problem, but also considers the heat dissipation.
Had to leave more or less cooling channels, that's the problem.

Make an explanation:
When the cabinet reaches 50 degrees C, and the relative humidity is 80% in cloudy and rainy days, the dew point temperature is 45 degrees C. Once the temperature drops after the equipment is shut down, it will start to condense and generate moisture when it reaches 45 degrees, which may cause a short circuit.

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