Air Purifier for office, factory, school and restaurant

March 18, 2016

Electric Air Purifier

Made in Japan, Highest Lever, Dust collector, Sterilization
                     Built-in Design for all houses
                                                                In 30 square feet, 5 times air purifying every hour

Performacne testin(Internal)
Time:2016-03-18   Location:Dali District, Taichung City
Environmental Protection Administration, Executive Yuan (Taiwan), Dali Area AQI: 69µg/m3
Environment:Internal 35 square feet
Push in Air:PM2.5---78,PM10---220
Push out Air:PM2.5----1,PM10------2

Restaurnt, Offices, Schoo, Houses, Hospical, Clinic..etc

Heavy Metal processing, fume and smoke which is hard to collect

Electric Air Purifier Technical Data   
Power 300 W
Air Flow 22 m3/min
Size 1020*565*740mm
Weight 75 kg
Collection Methods 722 Needles Discharge
Air Flow Selection 5 Adjustments
Lowest Noice                 40 db