Offline Cooling System-5T
Offline Cooling System-5T
  • ECO Design, Long-lifetime
  • Offline Design, Do not have to change the original cirtuit.
  • High efficiency cooling performance, improve machining efficiency accuracy.
  • ECO Off-line Cooling System saves 90% eletricity costs.
  • Low maintance and installation costs.
  • Offline Cooling System will not affect the mechanical action.

Applicable Industries

  • Hydraulic Presses Kidney Loop
  • Off-line Recirculation cooling
  • Gearbox Cooling
  • Lube Oil Cooling
  • Hydraulic Power Units
  • Case Drain Cooling
  • Injection Molding
  • CNC Machining
  • Compaction, Shredding, and Baling Equipment

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Specification / Model OCS-5T
Cooling Capacity 15,000 Kcal/H
Power Source 3Φ 220-380V 50/60HZ, 3Φ 208-415V 50/60HZ
Motor 1500 W
Flow rate 100 L/min
Thread Inlet PT 1 1/2" / Outlet PT 1 1/4"
Size 610*700*920 mm
Weight 120 kg