BAC-2021│Business Air Cleaner Large range air dust collector

Air Cleaner - Business use

AC-2021 Business Air Cleaner

Strengthen filtration and purification for different pollutants! (EX. Dust, oil mist, vapor, volatile gas, peculiar smell, etc.)

4 advantages of purification function:

1. Large air volume, rapid purification of air pollution
2. Exclusive negative dimension nickel metal filter
3. High ventilation, not easy to block, filter loss is lower than other brand filters
4. The advantages of large circulation make the purification and filtration range larger
Maintain air circulation and reduce the risk of clustering, resulting in poor air circulation

Applicable Industries

  • Business space
  • Hypermarket
  • Kindergarten
  • office
  • Confinement Center Hall
  • reception hall
  • 3D printing room
  • School classroom
  • resting stop
  • Interior decoration design matching

Example photo


Specification / Model BAC-2021│Business Air Cleaner
1Φ 110V / 220V
Size 407 x 710 x 1480 mm